well she was more like my first female friend than my actual girlfriend, but we were in the same class in school together,her name was gemma and we were in like the second grade or something, and she just lived a couple minutes down the road from me, and i remember that to get to school, we both had to walk through this field, along this pathway, and if i got to the field first, i would wait for her, and she would do the same for me, and then we would hold hands, as we walked through this field, along the path, until we got to school!!!  lol i must have only been about 6yrs old at the time lol

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I remember my first girl friend and I would still love to sit down and talk to her again.

Where is Gemma now? Do you know?

well, i actually have her as a friend on my facebook page, although we dont really talk anymore, she is married i think, and she has 2 little boys, and i actually think she still lives in the same place, cos i saw some of her pics on facebook once, with her little boys outside, and the house looks the same lol!! but i could be wrong of course!! lol

I'm into rocks and gemstones. "Gemma" is a "gem."

yes, i agree lol

oh yes definitely!!

how beautiful! with kids everything is kinda easier.

Aww, haha. Reminds me of my childhood. I love the name Gemma. I wonder more about the friends I had when I was 3-8 years old than the more recent ones.