My Being Taught To Have A Feminine Girly ******

one of the first times I was taught by a boyfriend how to have a girly ******. it went something like this.

"Ok, you cute little sissy girl, time to have your ***** introduced to some serious play. You loved my fingers, and this will be better, I promise. It may hurt a little at first, but, let that pass and U'll be in girlie heaven." and I feel some lotion being applied to my *****, as his finger slides all around my girlyboi *****, making it nice and slick. His finger invades my *****, twisting, turning, making me moan. Then two fingers, giving me even more pleasure. Next, I feel a harder object at my entrance, wanting inside, quite persistently, pushing, pushing, as he says, "Push out like your going to the bathroom, pretty girl." I did, and felt my ***** being invaded as slowly but surely, he pushed his **** in to me slowly.

It hurt going in, my body tightening in pain, but, once in, I was able to get used to it. I tensed and he stopped, knowing my little sphincter was stretching to accommodate that large intruder. Once I calmed down, he slowly pushed it in, sliding deeper just a little each time, until he was buried deep in my inner self. The whole time, he's ever so slowly sliding his hand up and down my tiny soft sissy ****, rubbing the underside on each soft, easy stroke. "Oh, girlie, your doing great, your **** is so soft and feminine, your nipples are all hard and taut, and your ***** is full of my ****, giving you pleasure.

We'll have to get your first ******, soon, won't we. Your sweating some, too, so I know you like it. Feel this girlie, feel this in your *****." He slid in and out, in a loving but firm ******* motion, making me scream with pleasure, twisting my body on the bed, pushing back on his manly invader, wanting more. The electric shocks are back, too, on each stroke of that ****, sending shivers thru my body, causing me to yell out in pure pleasure. He slowed down, sensing my ****** was very close. Damn, I need to ***. Again, slowly caressing my ****, slowly ******* me with that wonderful firm ****. Then, hard and fast, till I almost blow, and he slows down. He does this multiple times, driving me crazy with lust, and a need to ***. This seemed to go on for hours, but, I'm sure it was just a few minutes. He'd get me right to the edge and stop, letting me calm down, only to start again. Making me squirm and want more.

"Grab those nipples again, girl, twist them, scratch them, make them glow with need. your **** isn't hard, but it's twitching, I'm not going to touch your clittie anymore, now, so, You'll have to ***, from the pleasure and sensations of my **** in your *****. It will hit all the right spots, and you'll have to concentrate on the feelings and senses created to have your girlie ******."

With that he took his hand away from my clittie, and began some serious ******* with one hand on breasts, rubbing them and caressing my nipples touching me in places that have never been touched, making me feel things that I've never felt, wanting me to ***, in a way I've never ***. "Oh, please make me ***, please, I need to ***, so badly. I'm so close, please." He continued his assault on my *****, saying, "You need to concentrate on your *****, not me, not your mind, and not your ****, just your *****. Your a girl now; Feel the movement inside, feel the rubbing, feel it's control, feel it's power, moving you closer and closer to an ******. Only think about your *****, get everything else out of your mind, just think about the **** in your *****, giving you so much pleasure, don't be afraid of it, it happens to all girlies, go with it, let it happen, get your *** from the **** in your *****." He made that **** move even faster and with more diligence, as I did feel something begin deep inside me, as I did as he said, thinking only of the pleasure I was getting in my *****, think only about the **** in my ***** giving me so much pleasure, think about my ****** coming from that **** in my *****, oh, yes, that **** is giving me so much pleasure, I need to *** from that pleasure. It's hitting my spot, making me squirm, making that wonderful deep feeling get a little closer to the surface. "Oh, yes, your **** in my *****, feels so good, getting me closer and closer, almost now, yes, keep it up, keep ******* my *****, keep it up, almost I'm gonna ***, gonna ***, almost oh, please don't stop, please don't stop, I'm almost there, almost there, **** me ,yes, **** my *****, my *****, Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My body convulses as I shot out a blast of of hot *** hitting me in the face. The next one was almost as strong, but more volume, as I watched each shot eject from my soft un touched clittie. I continued shooting ***, almost endlessly, covering my upper body. Oh, my, I just had the most intense ****** of my life, from a **** in my *****. My *****?...oh, he's got me saying it now. Ah, what the hell. The ****** was worth calling it anything he wanted. the afterglow was wonderful, feeling his **** soften and fall out of me and some of his *** leaking out slowly.

just remembering it makes me glow insideblush

sissiegirl sissiegirl
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WOW. Amazing

Baby! The hottest sexiest story EVER!!!!
I love my fem *******!! I don't even ********* anymore!! Don't need or want to!!

god,,, I need that... want to learn to do it

how do you do it, Candice?

every time I read this story I *** my pantys,,, so hot

thank you. sometimes I think I have a ***** in my *** now. it just feels to good when my bf ***** me now

mmmmmmm nice

Gay love is so sexy and amazing. Great to be homosexual and have it turn you on so much :)

that story had me coming in my pantys, they're all wet hon.

I can fully relate, I WAS ONLY lucky enough to feel this one time but I will always have it to compare to. Great story

an erotic story shocking.

my god that made me wet

Whew, great story like I was there with you getting my **** ****** .... I would have sucked your clitty while ur puss was invaded from behind for you...

Ahh thanks cutie

No, thx you...your stories are very inspiring and sexually charged ...they make me hard ...

that's my job :)

Now..if I could just convince my gf to let me be me and my girly self again , we could play together with other men , and I could give your suggestion a real try and see if I could *** from just penetration of my *****...

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That sounds sooo good!!!!

it was, and I still experience them sometimes

Ohh! You lucky gurl. I almost came reading it hun. xox

that makes me very wet


Perfect sex is when you hear that phrase, "Please don't stop!"

never been there...

Sensational story!! I am very jealous... one day soon I hope that will happen to me.

wow,,,,, wish you were around here

That sounds like a wonderful time, only to be so lucky to have an experiance like that.


god that story made me so hard and horny

WOW, I am all wet form your story. I wish I get to feel the experience as you have. I have done it with my toys but I need a throbbing **** in me bad

Oh my god, my clittiy is dripping precum in my panties right now!
Love your stories!

wonderful, thanks for sharing :)

Oh my dear most glorious ****** was similar...bent over a couch aftern having foreplay for an hour i enjoyed a wonderful full complete ****** with my own clitty still soft......who would have thought....wonderful story.....

Damn hot story!

I love it!! And having a girly *** is the intense and deep....

great story

so beautiful sissie

Sounds like a dream come true.

xdressedboitoi on yahoo messenger

Love having ****** that way.

oh my god i almost came with you could you do me im sure ican ****** for sure just by you coaching me mmmdelightfull .howlinxo.

That was a wonderful story, made me think back to when I had my first ****** as a girl, very similar, and your right, it was so intense.

What a great experience. Reminds me of my first sissy sex act. Not a great as yours but still memorable. Thanks for your story. Would like to be a friend.

WOW, that was amazing. It made this sissy focus on her *****. What a truely sissifying experience. Thank you so much for sharing. What an awesome boyfriend you could bring you there and guide you on focusing on your *****. Makes me want to experience it even more, especially the part of having my limp sissy **** squirting all over me.

thankyou for reading it I added you as a friend hope that was Ok



Yes!!! Thank you.:)

wonderfull story your naration made me so hard as leaked pre *** i thought of the sensations you were having being ****** and i had a very intense ****** myself. thank you very much for sharing. xo. howlin.

you made me remember the first time a man gave me my first girl ****** of my life it was wonderful as he laid with me holding me close as I enjoyed what he had done to my body and mind.

made me glow on the outside
very hot

Awesome story! Love getting ****** like that.

Still love reading back over this storey... Reminds me of my favorite times when I've been well and truely 'seen too' by my man, treating me as a sissy girl... Those times when he gets me to the point, where the *******, go on and on, and one goes straight into the other, and by the end of it, they've all merged into a single, massive, continual 'high', that just seems to last forever afterwards... The euphoria then, after such a prolongued, an dmultiple/joined-up series of 'girl' *******, is just bliss...

your so right it just perminates thoroughout your whole body and makes you feel so sexually exhausted. makes you really understand how a real girl feels when having her ******

your just exhausted but in a good way and his **** feels so good inside you as it softens if he keeps it there and not just pull it out. his hugging you further adds to the contented feelings. feeling only a true girly boi can feel when being made love to by a considerate bf

Awww... I'm feeling warm inside, just reading your message there; Yes... you describe it perfectly; that feeling, as he holds me, comforts me, protects me, with his **** inside me still... I adore it, when I'm at my man's, and we sometimes have a 'nap' or rest, mid-afternoon, and he lays in bed, behind me, spooning up to me, and gently slides his **** inside me, and then his arms, over and around me, and we sleep like that... I just feel so loved, so cared fo, so protected, and to me at least, I feel so girly..

a perfect sissy afternoon, snuggled up with our man and his **** in our ***** just keeping us full like a girly boi should be

Mmm. Oh. yes... totally! And I am rather looking forward to spending a week at my Man's, from Wednesday coming till Monday or Wednsday I think... He makes me feel so girly, so loved, and so complete... I'm looking forward to it a little bit!

have fun and don't let your ***** get dry

I don't think it'll have a chance to get dry... We've not had a long time together, privatly, for a while, I doubt we'll break off the sex, much, cept for food and coffee... Mind, I've plenty of lube should we need it...

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What a wonderful story Sissigirl I loved it, My fist time was pure heaven to LOve Diane

I'll never forget the first time I had a real **** in me. I laid there holding my legs apart as Sean ****** me hard. I realized that I had nothing to say about it, except that I was urging hm on telling him to **** me harder and faster. At one point I knew that I was being taken, and used for his pleasure, and this thought was so wonderful. I knew that this is what I wanted more than anything else.

Great story. I remember the first time I had an anal ****** I couldn't believe it, it was so intense. I've had several since but mostly from toys.

I loved that story, what a beautiful way to loose your virginity love Diane xxxxx

I really liked the story. I'm meeting my massage friend this weekend and I hope we get there with his **** in my ***!

Mmmm! Hope you have a lovely time. Keep us posted on it goes.

Hugs and kisses


Sissiegirls, and gurls, and femme cd-ers are ALL hotter and sexier than silly genetic girls, ha ha.
How you orgasmed is exactly how HALF of all males should ***, and what your bf did is how the OTHER HALF should ***...what a wonderful world that would be, right?
GG's could be kept around to breed more males to be raised like girls to become sissy bottoms like you, yum.

glad you liked my story. I continue to *** in that fashion and it just consumes your entire body. my clittie is just that, stays soft and my bf likes to play with it sometimes when he ***** me, he can just compress it and rub me like a girl and comment on how good of a sissygirl I am.

wow what a story. sounds like you had a good time, and one incredible ******

yes I did and will always be thankful to him on how he taught me achieve it. nothing feels better at least to this girlyboi sissy than feeling his hard **** inside me and me satisifing him as well. a bonus for me is I get to be on the bottom or side most of the time and be held, while he does most of the work.

well ive been using a ***** and cant ****** without *******. how the hell?

what a wonderful story

Its the only way us sissys should be allowed to *** really... Its so much more intense than 'clitty' stimulation... My man can do it to me now, by just working on my sissy **** and nipples... But in my boy-***** is still best I think...

isn't it wonderful when our men care enough about us to want us to be as feminine as possible in our *******. to me my clittie is not as sexual to me as my breast, nipples and my sissy pussyand being loveningly held and caressed. I think sometimes I am becoming more sensual in my feelings now and just want to be feminine

Fantastic story. Reminds me of when I had my first anal ******. It's and intense but very pleasurable experience.

thankyou frankie, isn't it nice having ******* in our sissy ***** while being made love to by our men

oh my god u must of had a fun time ;) i would love to have a girl or even a guy do somthing like that 2 me with my *** if its possible.

trust me it's possible. maybe that's why we have a prostate, accessable only thru our sissy *****. nothing makes me feel more girly than when my bf makes love to me like that. my whole being is enjoying the wonderful feeling and just quivers all over inside.

god i wanna borrow your bf sometime so he can do this to me ;) im also a virgin who wants to have a **** in his *** finally.

Hi girl!

Great story, sounds like you had a really good ****!!

I just love guys with big *****!

me too can we be friends tried but your settings don't allow any friends

I so wish I could experience that. I can barely take a **** in me.

Wow!!! I love the sound of that I want one but I am yet to find someone I trust to give my self to.

Is it not great to *** without getting hard. I don't even worry about touching myself or even have him touch me when I am getting my ***** ******.

Beautifully and so accurately described.
Thank you :-)

Great story ! verry simaler to mine the first time a man ****** me I came with out even having my clity touched ! WOW it was sooooooo great .... and it made me feal like well sooo femm . :) thanks for such a lovely story of your first anal ****** !xxxooo

how about adding it to your stories. I'd like to read about it

went and read some of yours, very hot

Amazingly hot!! Wow!

Omg I wish I had a package like yours. I love your panty style.

I have this one booty call, he has a 9 incher and my best angle for getting my boipussy to *** hard is on my side. He ****** my hole for 2 hours and gave me 5 g spot **** in my boipussy, heavenlyé

Very sexy story! Makes me all warm and tingly inside!

super story . really a sexy read. thanks for that.

What a great erotic story and what a time you must of had sure wish i could go through that but first yah gota find someone you trust to do it with.....and bi the way i think your"HOT" too must have one luck guy....

thankyou for reading it it was a wonderful experience

I well read it again and again and i hope to do the samething as you did with a guy i know that wants to do it with me what a great teacher you are thanks girlfriend!!!

Oh my such a hot story, that must've felt so good and hope you've been having lots of anal ******* since then. Reminds me of my first time (but it was with a *****)

Mmnn yes, I remember I was bouncing myself on the ***** without touching myself and then it was suddenly building up. I was panicking because I wasn't ready for it and then I was shooting all over the place. Before that I thought anal ******* were more myth than real, lol


Very wonderful

Sure wish I could have that happen to me.

beautiful story, Honey!!!<br />

That's a great story!

Oh you lucky girl, what a lovely story. Wish it were mine. I need it so bad .I had a bad day,read my confession Kattie;

I'm swooning!!!

Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

Sasa in me feels the same with full mouth deep shoting and iamm what iamm mature sissy with all woman feelings

omg i love it thank you

Oh Sissygirl!<br />
I would to have an experience like that!<br />
Love,<br />

Awesome girl!! Good for you!! Hope you will have many, many more.

Would love a lesson like that

Ohhhh sissiegirl I would love to be your friend. I am a little jealous!!!

thanks to all of you for commenting on my story. being taught like that has been so wonderful to help me become more feminine inside

Dam - I nearly *** with you :)

Thank you for that wonderful story!! I love the feeling, it is so intense!!! Always makes me want more, and more, and more. I hope I can get laid tonight, you just made me want it even more!!!<br />
XOXOXO<br />

It feels so wonderful to feel a Man full-filling your sissy ***** and making you squirt your gurlie cream without touching it. ALL sissies should ****** this way, filled with a Real Man's throbbing **** and riding the waves of pleasure only a **** in your sissy ***** can provide and i've been told by Men that the feeling of a sissy orgasming with their **** in our ******* is so incredible, "gripping and milking it like a baby on a ***" is how one lover described it to me after He'd made me *** and ***! Yes, it is a ***** sweety, a sissy *****, say it with me, i have a sissy ***** :)

Amazing! I'm soooo jealous. My tiny **** does nothing for me, my only satisfaction is the feeling of it being shoved in and out of me as I lie there taking it.


Oh Sissiegirl! That was such a beautiful story. It´s made me so horny. I´ve only managed to have a feminine sissy ****** like that once. You´re a lucky girl. xoxo

thankyou. it was a wonderful experience and has allowed me to have many more sissy ******* that just rifle right thru me and make me quiver inside and my sissy ***** just spasms around his ****

i really must find someone to take my virginity, south coast of england anyone?

hello wendyatbirth how r u did like the story of sissiegirl have you got any further losing your virginity perhaps i can help !?

Hi Sweetie, That was a wonderful story, I am so happy for you!! Now I need to get laid after reading it!!

I wish that I could experience that so bad. I have had a few *****, but they dont feel good. I can tolerate it mostly, but I want it to feel great.<br />
<br />
I am so envious.<br />
<br />

part of being the submissive girl to a man is mental and really feeling how good it does feel to have his **** moving around inside you and then you accepting that that is your true role and then it just feels natual and wonderfully feminine. His *** entering you is the icing on the cake. at least it does for me

Thanks Sissie,

In my head it is very sexy. I do like the submissive part. I think there needs to be more emotion for me. You certainly seem to know yourself!!!!!

Nicely written. Being a sissy has so many rewards :-)

yes it does

WOW i have heard that was the best fealing ever, you make it sound so good so hot

thanks for reading my story. it was such a wonderful experience and must be how a real girl feels when experiencing her ******. it started deep inside and just crested and seemed to last forever<br />
<br />
hugs, sissygirl