It Was Great

I will always remember that special night. I was 23, still experimenting with my sexual life and met Jim, a 35 year old guy, who came to teach me plenty. Anytime he called for an evening out, I jumped at the opportunity. This one day he called & invited me to supper & I accepted. Then he added that he had a friend (Ray) in town & asked if that would that be a problem. I had never had a 3some but assured him that was fine. I liked Jim & felt comfortable & safe with him. I wore a a demure ladies top, slacks & sandals with bra & sandals that evening. My lipstick & makeup were light and I caried a small over the shoulder purse.

We had a fine meal & I liked Ray. He was a funny guy & his friendship with Jim went back many years. Later we we went to Jim's place & I wasn't at sure as to what to expect. I was the sissy twink with 2 good looking hunks and I was sure Ray knew that I was Jim's boy-toy sissy. In time, Jim & I began making out on the couch...Jim pulled my pants down exposing my panties.I couldn't see Ray's reactions but certainly was aware of his presence. After awhile, Jim stood up & took me by the hand to his bedroom. We finished undressing & began making out like crazy. In a while, Jim rolled over on his back, spread his legs & motioned he wanted me to sxck him...OMG, I was so hot that I wasted no time kneeling between his legs & began gobbling his hard throbbing cxxk.

After a few minutes of blissful sxcking, I felt my panties being rolled all the way down & a finger, covered with what I knew was an anal lubricant, massaging my little boy- pxssy. It dawned on me I was going to have a unique (for me) 3-some. Ray diddled my hole, with first one, then 2 & finally 3 fingers sending me into a frenzy where I bucked, humped & thrust in keeping time with his magic fingers.

Then, he stopped touching me & I was so disappointed. He made up for it a moment later when I felt something much larger, thicker & hotter rub my hungry hole. Ray guided his cxck in me, gently & tenderly, and slowly pushed it's entire length up my bottom. I was oblivious to the rest of the world. There I was kneeling before one guy with his cxck in my mouth while being filled in my other hole by another. In no time at all, the three of us were thrusting & humping in a wonderful rythm. I saw stars, all the colors in the universe & never had felt so alive before. Jim finally exploded in my mouth & Ray stepped up his thrusting. When he came, I experienced fireworks & felt my own little cxck spurt all over the tops of my legs. It was a truly orgasmic moment for me.
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Loved your story. I experienced my first anal ****** when I was being spit roasted by three young Mexican men. **** in my mouth and *** at the same time is the greatest pleasure.

having experienced feminine ****** myself I know how wonderful it is and being a sissy for a man is as well

Oh i want that so bad, to have one **** ******* in my mouth and one in my *** at the same time...oh yummmy

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