Six Flags' Great America

I worked as casual pool in different restaurants. That means I would get assigned to a different place to fill in for someone who called in. It was one of the worst jobs I worked at. I'd have to walk in heavy costumes(that did not always even fit right)from the Employee section into the park and walk to the restaurant. Problem with this was that it was summer and the heat was sweltering. What made it worse,I was not very good at what I did there. Sometimes I cashiered,sometimes I prepared the food,sometimes both. When I had a lunch break I barely had time to eat because a long trek had to be made back to the Employee section and into the cafeteria. After your shift,you went to this building and counted up all your money and recorded it. I never came out even and was there awhile. Than you trekked back to the changing rooms,got out of your costume and returned it. I feel for those that have had jobs in theme parks.
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Jun 1, 2010