Fake First Kiss

I'd previously kissed alot of girls but only in like games of truth or dare but I don't really consider them special enough to be my first girl kiss, so maybe tis' not my first girl kiss but my favourite.
Yah I lost my virginity before I had my 'first' girl kiss. I was like 15, twas like 2 days after my birthday when I had my fake first kiss. 2 days before my birthday I lost my virginity to a girl who tutored me so we started dating. One day I asked her to meet up, it was the first time I'd seen her since we had sex and I intended to make her feel super special cos she was my girlfriend then too. So like I took her to a park, we had a mini picnic with like food, drinks, candles, just like your casual picnic stuff. After we were done we laid down and listened to some music, after a while she sat up and was like 'i'm glad we're together' and she lent down and kissed me. Obviously I was proper happy and to this day I consider that my first kiss.
Icanthelpet Icanthelpet
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1 Response Oct 27, 2011

Well that's cool. I got my very first when I was 8.
But my first real kiss was at 18.