Best Friends Big Sis

My first kiss with a girl, first kiss with anyone really, was with my best friends older sister. She is five years older and I had such a crush on her. I didn't really recognize it as a crush at the time, I just knew I felt nervous and kinda funny whenever she was around. Being older, she pretty much ignored us growing up, but once she got out of high school she would hang out with us every now and then.

She was very pretty... tall, slender, and blonde. She was frequently the center of attention. One evening, I was 14 at the time, she and her best friend were hanging at the house with me and my best friend. They were talking about guys and making out and she told us she liked kissing girls just as much as guys. Then she asked me, if she could kiss me. My mind was spinning, I just kinda shrugged and said, 'ok, I guess'.

I was laying back on the couch and she knelt next to me. Slowly, she leand in and gave me a soft kiss on the lips, her tongue barely parting my lips. She pulled a few inches away to see my reaction, then leaned in again. She kissed me again, longer and harder, her tongue sliding into my mouth. My heart was pounding like crazy. Her hand was resting on my stomach and I started feeling really warm and excited. She kissed me a third time, our tongues really exploring before she pulled away and gave me a little hug, telling me I was delicious.

We didn't talk about it then, but she knew I had a big crush on her and she wanted to give me a little thrill. It sure worked!
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