Bi Sexual

hello, i am totally bisexual and its awesome. womens bodies and especially their **** totally turn me on...the bigger the better. my first experience was with my then husband and me and his friend and the friends gf, she had great **** and we went to the bar and she showed the bartender her ****, as soon as i saw them i was all over her. i couldn't stop touching them and kissing them. we all went home after drinking a few and she and i got naked in the backseat and we ate and sucked and licked each other as the guys in front were going crazy. we got home and got on the bed and she and i continued to enjoy each others body and kissing and caressing and eating each other as the guys began ******* us. turned into a small **** as we all enjoyed each other.....what an awesome night. now i go to as many opportunities i can for couples or just a woman when i get the urge. i'll never give up men but i do enjoy women too. i'm single and very free....
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2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

It would be great to watch two beautiful women such as yourself playing with each other and then just as I can't take it any longer get invited to join in.

My tongue would never get tired! Something else might but never my tongue.

I know that you **** each other too ...