Dominating Daughter In Law Spanks Submissive Father In Law

I received one mail from dominating daughter in law narrating her dominance over poor and submissive father in law as follows.
I'm a 44-year-old woman who loves to dominate, husband, father in law, lover and son who had succumbed to the power of the opposite sex by willingly submitting to castration.I dominated my slave father in law for 20 years. That  night as I went into the shower. I caught my reflection in the mirror. I saw a 5ft 6-inch girl with blue eyes and beautiful long blond hair just covering my budding breasts.My breasts were forming little mounds that were topped off the straight long nipples. My *** was shapely and my ***** was beautiful and hairless. I thought to myself, "there must be a man willing to give me what I want, and will be readily become my slave." It became my obsession.
I heard my father in law come home. Mother in law and husband had died 2 years ago and now it was just me and father in law thought for a moment. Why not father in law? He was really the perfect specimen. We had a great relationship and I knew he loved me. However did he love me enough to sacrifice to get spanking and serve me like mistress?
I decided to seduce my father in law. I came out of the shower with towel wrapped around my little body. Father in law was sitting in the living room watching TV and I sat on as couch across him. We started talking about the day's activities and how tired I was. Father in law suggested I go to bed but I just closed my eyes and stayed on the couch, making believe that I had fallen asleep. Father in law looked at me once or twice but kept on watching TV. I began to shift positions, and as a result, the towel opened up revealing parts of my body. Father in law tried not to look but could not help himself. He began to stare more and more. I noticed his eyes traveling up and down my body hoping to see more and more. The towel shifted once again revealing more of my nakedness. Father in law was now able to see my little breasts and naked *****. I knew right there and then he was hooked!
I watched as father in law unzipped his pants, took out his long **** and began ************. He came within minutes and lay on the couch exhausted. It was then I "awoke" to see father in law in this acquired position. He was embarrassed by me catching him in this predicament and began to apologize profusely. I let him apologize over and over. He tried to explain that. He was overcome with my beauty and at the same missed the love and affection of his wife. The bottom line was that he needed sex.
I got off the couch and approached my father in law totally naked. I took his hand in mine and without saying a word led him into the bedroom. There and then he slowly and lovingly he made love with me. For me I knew that this sealed my father in law's fate. He would succumb to me and eventually become my slave and I would spank him regularly.This was my desire to dominate a old man and father in law who was 50 years old right man fro me to dominate and make him my panty slave.
We stayed together the whole night and in the morning father in law got dressed as if nothing happened and went to work. Father in law didn't come home at his usual time and I became worried. So I went into the street looking for him. I found him sitting on a bench crying. I went over to him and asked why he was crying. He answered that he was so ashamed over what had transpired the previous night and was embarrassed to go home and face me.I tried to console him by saying I understood his needs and was not angry with him at all. After all we did love each other, right. Yes, he said, good, then lets go home.I knew I had him. Now it was only a question of time before father in law will be my slave and serve me like mistress. I decided that the next day I would begin his transformation to becoming my slave. It was a slow process. Every day I took in one step further. If father in law wanted my body he had to do as I asked. Slowly but surely I began his training. He started cleaning the house, doing the dishes, laundry, shopping, bathing me and preparing my clothes to wear the next day. He never complained nor resisted. He had found true happiness being my slave and catering to my every whip, spanking and caning.
One night I put him to the test. I took him to the bathroom and made him knell in front of me as I sat on the toilet seat. After I finished peeing, I spread my legs and ordered him to lick up the last remaining drops of the golden nectar my body produced. With closed eyes he opened his mouth stuck out his tongue and lick may naked ***** clean. I was so excited by my father in law's actions that I came as well. After that I told my father in law that it was his permanent job to accompany me to the bathroom and clean me up.
I kept putting my father in law to the test I told father in law, which I was going to make him my slave for life I would take care of him forever. In return he would do all my work and I would spank him whenever I need it and put my wet panties in his mouth.
Father in law served me for 20 years. We created a family I had 2 daughter from him aged 19, 17 years both dominating girls. We had many wonderful times together and my both daughter also dominated and spanked Father in law and he never regretted being my slave. He drank my **** almost all the time and I always pissed into his mouth whenever I was at home.
Suddenly one day, Father in law had a heart attack as he was eating my *****. It was the way he always wanted to die, between my legs with his tongue in my *****. Well, he got his wish. And now my wish is that I need another old man to serve me as well as my 2 beautiful daughters.I love old men because they are sincere in work.Right know I am 45 and I need a man of the age of 55 - 60.
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okay to spank and whip. But unhygienic part disgusting.

would love to meet you, then you'll know what it means to seduce aman

I am62 single and can be a Full Service Toilet to you and your daughters. contact me

dam hope you find the perfect man love your story

It doesn't seem is more a reality,well narrated...!!
Author is requested to share more of her true experiences of day-to-day life...!!!

Yes I also second you arvira ! Author must tell us further encounters ...

Thanks for sharing very good story


wow nice thing ! i am 60 and willing !

sick woman

Very good seduction part

Thank you for the story I loved it,I am a 55 year old man slave to my wife she loves to spank me everyday as well as make me wear women thong panties which I have done now for over 25 years again Thank You

Thank you so much for your wonderful story. I can think of no greater honour than to be not only your slave, but also the slave of your two daughters, and to be used by all three of you as your very own personal human toilet.

I enjoyed your story.

wow i do hope you find a nother slave. i like the story you got me so hard. <br />
you and your daughters all need a slave or two. so i do hope you find one so we can here more about this. thanks for sharing

im 50 and long to serve as a toilet slave

great experience, would love to chat with you about the possibilities