1st First Kiss And 2nd First Kiss

I had 2 First kisses. One was during my 3rd yr in high school and the other was during my 4th yr. They are both firsts for me because I had them for 2 different purposes. My 1st first kiss was a challenge made by my classmate. we were eating lollipops and then he suddenly dared me to get it from his mouth. and so i did. haha! and after a few days, we kissed for like 4 or 5 times even w/o the lollipop. we both found it fun. My 2nd first kiss was a first love's kiss. I've been to 7th heaven and it was so great! a kiss out of love is far greater and any other. sad thing, our relationship didn't last. We went for college in very distant universities. But i still love him, and that's what matters. m*
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i'm glad you can relate. its one the best things on earth! :)

I too remember my first kiss..met someone really special..wasn't prepared for the passionate kiss..but before i knew it was happening..It was the most wonderful experience I cherished..My bf said they tasted like strawberries..We constantly kept kissing..it was so sweet..n we were travelling..nothing seemed to bother us or stop us..