Just Yesterday...

So, yeah... I had my first kiss on Friday night... and it was great....!

I probably made the wrong choice of with whom I did it, but so far I have not regreted this one night. It will sadly but very probably be the only night (and day) that I have spent with him (we didn't have sex, just btw but there was a lot of cuddling going on)

We were at this event and I had noticed him but usually good looking guys like him don't notice me, but he did. And he invited me into his tent and he didn't know that it would be my first kiss, I didn't tell him until afterwards ;). But he did it perfectly. There was a whole night of cuddling before the kiss and I was scared of that moment when it was about to happen. At first I wasn't so sure if I liked kissing but already the second time taught me that I did.

Kissing is something so great and awesome! =)

It does kind of hurt that there will probably be nothing more of it with him, since I found out the next day that he is a womanizer. He says he isn't and only cuddled with the girl b/c he was in the mood to and I wasn't there (what kind of lame excuse is that?!) and really only is interested in me...

Anyhow I don't regret anything, b/c he was the perfect guy for the kiss. He had enough respect of my christian worldview (no sex before marriage), he was gentle, he was nice and he didn't force me to do anything. Okay, enough said, I am just a little hyper since that moment =)!
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Thank you!

Good for you,I hope you have a wonderful life.