The Day I Became A Nickelback Fan.

I was sixteen, and other than one haphazard collision with the general mouth area of a boy who was my middle school crush, I had never done more than hold hands with a boy, and even that made me blush. I was a sheltered, naive, innocent girl. The boy, Sam, was nine months younger than me, but he was already what you would call a "player". I had known him for eight years, but he had only recently discovered that I wasn't just his pal, I was also a girl. We had been a couple for about two weeks, and we thought it would be a good idea to actually do something together. He had tried to kiss me once before, but I had freaked out, and almost had a panic attack. (At the time I didn't know what was happening or why I was so afraid, but now I know that I was having an anxiety attack, because I was afraid of messing up at something I had never done before. It's a sucky thing to live with, that kind of anxiety). We decided to go to my sister's Varsity soccer game. However, since it was the beginning of the season for the girl's soccer team (early march) it was still cold out. I hated the cold. We hadn't been expecting it, so neither of us had really dressed appropriately. The decision to go back to my truck at half time and warm up was an easy one.

We spent a few minutes of small talk on the weather being ridiculous and the team. Once we had run out of things to say, I switched on my stereo to avoid being forced to sit in awkward silence. The song on the radio was something by Nickelback, and while I wasn't a fan, I started to sing along quietly, just because it was something familiar. Sam made a face at the stereo, and I asked him about it. He told me he wasn't a fan. So I started to change it, but he stopped me, grabbing my arm playfully. I dont remember if he held my hand, because I was distracted by his words.

"What would you do if I bit your chin?" He asked. I wasn't sure if it was okay to giggle, because he looked so serious. It may seem like a weird thing for a boy to ask, but I guess you would have to know him. Samuel is the king of weird, but usually in a cute way. At the time, it was completely normal for him to say something like that. We had always been the kind of friends that did weird things together, and our relationship has never been that different.

"I would probably laugh," I said, because it was true.  But before I could add anything else, he had done it. Then his mouth inched up, and all of the sudden he was kissing me. It only lasted about a second, and afterwards he looked at me with an expression of triumph and smugness and said, without laughing, "rawrrawrrawr".
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It was actually unbelievably cute.<br />
He's still my boyfriend, so I may be a bit biased lol

Lol I'm ganna do that next time I kiss a girl "RAWRAWRARWRAAWR!"