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iPhone has brought great changes to our society. What’s New? Updated Products of mini i9 phone Are Launched in Mumbai The number of iPhone users in Korea has been up to over 50 million only for the past 4 months, setting a world record of the fastest growth. Kate Blanchett To Praise TV80 With the wave of iPhone, the using of wireless Internet access has risen in about 10 times. Some Korea unnamable developers of games and software have quickly been rich after supplying their own software to the App Store – a transaction platform of various application programs – of Apple. The new services employing Smartphone such as mobile banking and mobile office appear in the market one after the other. As for the Korean network software industry which is in name but not in reality, iPhone will undoubtedly be a catalyst for invigorating the industry.Mphone , Top Doll's Festival Embellishments for Lovers

It`s not the only part. In the vigorous Korea society, mobile phone is totally the key element to measure the competitive strength for both individual and enterprises. The reappointment news of Lee Kun-hee who is the chairman South Korea's sign company Samsung Group also spread to the outside world through "Twitter".

But it should be calmly that the changes that iPhone brings are not so pleasant, for iPhone brings one of South Korea's top five export products - mobile phone industry`s a big blow. As the last report, the trend of mobile phone export and import, was released by science and economy deportment, Korea export of mobile phone was in decrease from last year to March this year. Since a large number of South Korean mobile phones are exported from 1997, except the global financial crisis last year, the factors, the export appears to the first time reduction which is more than 10%.

In particular, the iPhone sells at a price of 199 dollars and 299 dollars which just overlaps with South Korea`s competitive high-end mobile phones. And the oversea mobile communication service enterprises which make the decisive effect on the mobile phone sale are much more willing to add wireless communication usage amount, that is getting allowance from iPhone by collecting higher call rate, which makes the mobile phone industry in Korea get into a harder situation.

Samsung and LG actually did not forecast the switch to software and content in mobile phone market, while Sony who successfully predicted the changes in the market and took advance actions was greatly beaten by of iPhone. After producing Walkman that sold like hot cake in 80`s last century, Japanese SONY participated in content industry. At that time, SONY invested thousands billion Korea won in merging music & video company and film company, endeavored to cultivate game industry simultaneously.

But in 2001, after Apple Corporation produced the peculiar online business mode [iTunes" (a kind of online sore), SONY`s 10 years of efforts went down the drain. What's more, the Sony field of manufacturing TV which was once the most competitive production was caught up by South Korea. This, for Sony, is like losing the most important asset because of chasing a mirage. Recently, Sony senior executives told reporters, " the people who symbolize the Sony technology have left the company."

Last month, Ralph de la Vega, the CEO of Mobile Sector of AT & T, said ambitiously in the opening speech at CTIA, "The United States will lead the world market of wireless networks and intelligent." That is to say, as the U.S. suppressed the Japanese manufacturing industry by its financial industry, the United States will use the Smartphone to control the world mobile phone market. Whether the abnormal action of American threatened the fundamental competition of Korea, manufacturing, or Korea might realize it in time, all of it should be worry about.

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Jul 13, 2010