my first kiss was so tragic..i had it with someone i dont even know.. my dream to have a magical first kiss vanished.. he came to me , and kiss me.. F@@@ that sucks really.. he's so harsh and everything.. that i couldnt have the chance to slip away. i hate him, really2 hate him !!!
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I don't think that it's a real kiss unless both people want to kiss. I'm sorry that you experienced your first kiss this way. But, I'm sure that you will find a great guy that you like and have a kiss that will make you forget about this horrible one.

ı guess<br />
ıf a gırl doesnt want to kıssıng by a guy <br />
tht guy cant be kısses<br />
<br />
ı thınk so seductıve to feel ur hot lıps wıth gently and passıonate<br />
u have so ınnocent beauty<br />
<br />

i was drunk that time .. i know i have faults too :(...

why u allow to kıss your hot lıps<br />
<br />
ı thınk fırst kısses ınclude patience, passionate, Gently ,and so small kısses<br />
so u can taste how to feelıng

it wouldnt be a first kiss unless you both want to kiss eachother and u both like it

Woah I would have slap that guy real hard if that would happen to me. Well, on my part, that won't be considered as your first kiss. I don't take that literally. A kiss should be wanted and should be full of love for both you and the person. Like what they say, it must have the "spark" and that spark is created by love.