With A Girl

I have 2 EP accounts & I have shared this story on that one, I wanted to share it on this account as well.

I realized I was bisexual when I was 12. This experienced happened when I was 14. Katrina was my best friend from the first day we met on the playgroud at age 8. She was gorgeous, bright blue eyes & long blond hair to the middle of her back. She was outgoing, carefree, loud, hilarious & knew how to have a good time. She was the envy of every girl & wanted by every guy. I don't talk to her anymore when I was 17 we drifted apart. I miss her... but, she's heavy into drugs now. I truly believe that the Katrina I knew is still in her somewhere.

It was new years eve, it wasn't very cold. I was only wearing a sweater. I had met up with Katrina's boyfriend & we were going to meet her at a party. Tyler & I were walking to this party when we got in we were told that Katrina wasn't there yet. As we waited for her we started sharing a bottle of vodka. The girl throwing the party had her parent's permission.. but, Tyler & I were a bit too rowdy for her Dad's liking. He came downstairs & told us that we had to get out. Tyler & I left the party & called Katrina & told her we got kicked out. She said she'd meet us at my place.

Tyler & I were sharing this vodka as we were walking back to my place but we were getting bored with it, we were already feeling a little tipsy so Tyler & I called some guys & met up with them & bought weed & shrooms. We loved to mix them together. So, Tyler & I lit up a joint & we started smoking it. Since the weed was laced with shrooms if you smoked enough you could have a trip. It was expensive too! Tyler & I were pretty high by the time we got to my place, it was about a 15 minute walk. We got to my place & Katrina was sitting on the porch. She came running up to the both of us & gave us both huge hugs. She was jealous we were feeling really good & she was still sober. I stumbled into my house & set up a movie & got some snacks for the three of us. They were outside smoking another joint. When they got in I was laying on my bed, I needed a pick me up since I was starting to burn out from the weed. Kat poured me a shot of vodka & we did a couple shots together. The three of us were sitting on my bed, laughing out ***** off. I was really high & drunk so I have a hard time remembering what all happened during that 3 hour period. We all had some trips from the shrooms. Once the drugs started to wear off we started drinking some more vodka. We were a bit more coherent now. Tyler was slowly starting to pass out though.

Katrina & I were talking quietly & I started to flirt with her, like I usually did when I was drunk. She was sitting really close to me, I only had a twin bed. Her hair smelt like vanilla & her skin was soft. She would lean over to tell me something she didn't want Tyler to hear & her arm would graze mine. It sent shivers up my spine everytime she touched me. She was wearing a black short sleeved v-neck, it was just a little bit too short for her so when she would move I could see her belly button ring. She had light tanned skin & a perfect figure. She was starting to get tired & she put her head on my shoulder & I wrapped my arm around her. We were very close, this was normal for us. I had my hand placed on her perfectly shaped hip. My fingers were just slightly touching her skin. She was wearing light blue jeans that had no pockets, she was very petite & they were tight on her. I could see the top of her red thong. We layed for a bit watching the movie. She sat up after awhile & said she didn't want to go to sleep to pass her the vodka. She poured us some more shots, Tyler was watching the movie he had eaten some more shrooms so he was going on another trip.

After Katrina & I had some shots she started telling me how I was her best friend & how much I meant to her. I reached my hand out to take the vodka bottle back from her when she put it behind her on the bed & grabbed my hand. She placed her other hand on my shoulder, she leaned in... her smooth, perfectly shaped lips matched mine. As she kissed me her lips wrapped around my bottom lip making it wet with her tounge. I got butterflies in my stomach & chills all over my body. I placed my other hand on her thigh. The kiss only lasted about 10 seconds.. it could have only been 2 seconds & it would still be one of the best kisses I have ever had, it was so passonite. Thinking back to it 4 years later, I get the butterflies all over again, I can remember it clear as day.

Aleighsha Aleighsha
18-21, F
Jul 20, 2010