Practicing With A Grape... What The Hell Was I Thinking? Lol

Oh, it felt so awkward! I was 15, he was 17. It was summer vacation on the beach. We, a big group of teenies,  were hanging out and talking non-sense on a regular basis.

One day, the 2 of us connected and spent a whole afternoon talking, just the 2 of us. We excluded everybody else who wanted to join our conversation. Needless to say, the other kids started bugging us. It was funny and fun.

Then, when I realized that we were going to hook up sooner or later, I got so nervous! I had never kissed a boy before. Next day, at home, I put a grape in my mouth and started practicing. Remembering this makes me laugh. Then he asked me on a date, during which he kissed me. Oh well,  I felt nervous and clumsy. It was ok, but I didn't feel anything. I guess I just didn't have feelings for him. Even though, we started dating and the kissing became better. Eventually I broke up with him, I was simply not in love.
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36-40, F
Jul 27, 2010