I had a "boyfriend" that I had known for 2 days. We went to see Inception, and held hands and stuff and then he tried to kiss me. I wouldn't let him. I was very proud of myself for keeping my promise to myself to be pure and give my first kiss to someone i really wanted to give it to. The next day I snuck out on my dad's golfcart and picked him up from his house. We kissed. He had been texting me all until 2 days ago. This person who is practically his sister asked him if we were going out.. he said no. I highly regret giving my first kiss to someone i had only known for two days. Now I have to tell my Dad I snuck out which will make him lose faith in me. I highly regret that day.
southernbelle11 southernbelle11
13-15, F
Jul 28, 2010