Im 15 and attended a house party recently, the girl I liked was there. We were both very drunk, and I ended up telling her that I liked her. Under the influence of Alcohol we shared several kisses throughout the course of the night.

The kisses didnt really mean anything because we were both drunk, and then we went back to just being friends again. I really liked this girl and it was hard for me. I'd never had much luck with girls before, and for some reason this girl was different, It'd always felt asif I never had a chance with anyone, but this time I had just a little glimmer of hope, which is a massive confidence booster!

The following weekend, we both attended a party in a little field. We were both, again, very drunk and ended up kissing. We then got up to a little more and some clothes came off.. But yet again the alcohol part ruined any meaning behind what we were doing. At the end of the night, she fell asleep in my arms, and when she awoke it was asif nothing ever happened. Even after all this it was like I'd never kissed her.

During the next week, we went to a concert, it was the band of a school teacher, so there were many teachers at the concert! During the concert, she bought a band t-shirt and asked me to take a photo of her, so I did. After I took the photo she leaned over to me to say something, and without even thinking I leaned over to her and kissed her. The kiss only lasted about 2 seconds but it was wonderful. It was like in a movie, the chorus of the song playing had just kicked in when we did it so it gave everything this fantastic atmosphere. Neither of us had been drinking either, which was a good start, and when I leaned away from her, she smiled at me, so now I knew everything was okay. I smiled back at her, and then realised that all the school teachers had watched us, which was a little awkward, but I didnt care! All I cared about was her. I spent the rest of the concert with her in my arms. I spent everyday from then with her! Its safe to say that I really like this girl, and Im glad I kissed her at that concert!

At the moment shes on holiday and I can't wait for her to get back. For the first time in my life it feels like someone cares about me as much as I care about them, and I love it.
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That is so sweet!!