Like It Was Yesterday.

Well, I was 13, and it all started with a boy named Richard. I was upset one day over a break up i had with a girl named Hailey. (When i was bi-curious...but note that i'm straight now.) Me and Richy actually barely knew each other at the time. I only knew him because he was friends with one of my best friends Dustin. It was like, a mutual friend thing, ya know? Anyway, the minute he knew something was wrong, he messaged me. I told him everything, and he suggested that we hang out for the night to just relax, forget about everything, and watch a movie. It's actually quite funny because the movie we watched, is the one movie i absolutely DESPISE now. TWILIGHT. haha..But yeah, when I got to his place, I was just a tad freaked. I mean, it was my first time hanging out with this guy, I had NO idea what was going to happen. Over time, I got a little bit more comfortable. We were watching the movie in his basement, on the pull-out couch. We had a few blankets but it was still majorly cold down there. Little by little I could feel him edging a bit closer to me. I was trying not to freak out but, I went along with it. After all, he was absolutely the cutest most adorable boy ever so I was NOT about to pass up that oppurtunity. :) About half way through the movie, we were in a complete cuddle. Through my peripheral vision, I could see him staring at me. Our faces were EXTREMELY close to each other. So right when I turned to look at him, he leaned right in without a thought and pressed his lips against mine. In my mind I was like "WHOOOOOAAHHHHHH!!!!" But I did my best and succeeded at not competely flipping out. It actually felt really...magical. I looked at him with a really..mixed up face and he just smiled..and leaned in again. Within 5 minutes, it was a full blown make-out session haha. I had no idea at that point what was going on in the movie..but do you think I CARED?! It went on for quite a while actually. It got pretty close know....but it didn't go that far and i'm actually glad it didn't. After that we tried a steady relationship but barely even lasted a year. *fail.* Honestly, he still has feelings for me but after a few recent events..I truthfully would never date him again. Although we do still talk to each other like uber close best friends currently, and hopefully it stays that way.
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sooooo....can i have him?XDDDD cuz he seems really hot XDDD