Snow, Rubber Boots And A Kiss

Overnight there had been a heavy fall of snow. I was 15 years old and we did not have snow very often so I was excited as I could wear my rubber boots which I always enjoyed doing.
It was a school day so I got dressed in my school uniform but today, because of the snow, I pulled on my rubber boots. I think my mother was surprised at me wearing my boots as the snow was not very deep and not many boys my age would be wearing their boots but I always enjoyed wearing my boots and did not want to miss this opportunity.
At school I saw my best friend, Paul, and was amazed when I noticed that he was wearing rubber boots also. I'd never seen him wear boots before. I was excited as if it I'd won some competition and it was Christmas Day all rolled into one.
My friend was in a different class to me so I was unable to see him until lunchtime.
I met him in the playground and we both started talking about the other persons boots. We wandered round behind the music block as we thought no-one else would be there. It was deserted. We both said how grown up the other person looked wearing his rubber boots.
Then no-one spoke.
We looked at each other.
I took a step forward.
He put his hands on my shoulders.
We kissed.

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4 Responses Aug 4, 2010

That is such a lovely intimate recollection!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

Is that all you did ?

Thanks MadJxx. It is probably the most magical moment of my life.

That was delightful :)