My First Kiss (regret Or Not??)

My freshman year. There are two middle schools in the county where i live and they merge into the high school. No one really knows anyone when they take that first step into high school(except the people they grew up with). I had made a few new friends and i had gotten to know this guy and noticed he was really sad one day. Turns out he might've had to move to Chicago. We had a conversation that took up the whole class period and at the end of the class we realized we had a lot in common..We became good friends. I hugged him every day and talked on the phone. Best friends.

He asked me to date him two weeks later i declined. But the next time he asked me i said yes.  We went to a basketball game the next night and he held my hand for about ten minutes then got restless and kissed me on the cheek..ten minutes later he kissed me on the mouth. It was all i had hoped for and even though there were people screaming bacause  we were at a basketball game...I heard nothing.

He broke up with me 5 months later. Never told me why. To this day he doen't talk to me. Not as friends or even passing each other in the halls. It's like i never existed to him.

So tell me...would you regret ever having a relationship with someone like that?Or would you be glad you got your first heartbreak over with?

I lost one of my best BEST friend.

I didn't get over it for three months after that. I thought i loved him but..
strikersbeach strikersbeach
Aug 5, 2010