My Midnight Wonder

one weekend i went to my bff hose for a week and we went to the movies so we get thar and sit down and this guy that came with us sat dwn next to me so we talked and found out we got a lot in commen so we talk some more so than i found out he was my bff bro bff so he sleeprd over so we get thair and i go to her room and she is sleep and i am like dam what do i do now than the door fiys open and (i am going to call him isaac ) so isaac come in and says u want to play a game and i am like sure so i go in the room and thay want to plat spin the bottle and trueth or dare mixed so i am like ok will isaac asked me to show him my boobs and i am like no way man so then my bff bro dared me and isaac to go in the closet and kiss for 70 sec so i got huge tummy flutters so we get in thar right and he asked me have i kissed any one be for and i lied and said ya like 20 times so he was like come hear so i can kiss u and i am like i aint comein to u u come to me and he was like we come to gether and we did i was scard at first but when owr lips touched it was like hevan on earth than i feel his hand move mine to his chest and he put his hand on the snall of my bake than i feel hos toung and i just melted  he was cute and all  and kind of shy when we are in fount of peoplr but we are a happy cople  so it was coooooooooooooooooooooooool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i got a lot more stories of all kind of thing so chek me out on myspace  latonya jackson it was nice sharing and all  but the world is calling me i am only but a 14 yearold teean who has a life time ahead of her
latonyajackson21 latonyajackson21
Aug 6, 2010