Well...... Hmm..

my first kiss was a couple months ago and it deffanitly was not the best of memories. here it is.

me and him decided we wanted to be alone so at lunch we snuck down to the basement floor of the gyme biulding(its not scarey down there actually like any other part of the highschool just lacking people) anyway we got down there and found an even more privite area ..thats when he started moveing in for the taking. i was totaly nervuos and still confused about weather or not i even wanted to be with this guy so i backed up untill i was against the wall. then even if it cuold have been romantic he ruined it by grabbing my butt the same time as he leaned in....his glasses were the first thing that touched my face...then next came his lips..... um well all i can say was that his breath smelt bad and i pulled away the first second i could.....that was after a horrid half a second

i hope my next kiss is one that i will injoy.

lgwalters lgwalters
18-21, F
Dec 22, 2007