Truth Or Dare...

Hmmmm.. my very first kiss... I was like six years old (yes i started early..) and i was over at this girl Lacey's house and we went over to the tabernacle church onto like the deck/patio that over looked the creek... i remember someone one double dog dared me with a haystack to french kiss this boy named donny kingin ten and you cant back out on a haystack dare especially if it was double dogged... lol... its funny the things you remember...After that first kiss i was hooked for life...i never went through the boys are gross through rocks at them stage...  I went straight from barbies to boys in no time flat....; )

18-21, F
2 Responses Dec 24, 2007

lol... nope.. i jumped right on the band wagon...; ) never to look back

No training wheels for you hun?