The first guy I dated was one of my friends first.  The second time we got together, after the school-sponsored movie we wanted to see was canceled, we wandered around the neighborhood on foot, finally leaving the brash street sounds for someplace more secluded, settling into a gazebo at the edge of a city park.  We cuddled together, still new at every slight physical adjustment, accomodating each other awkwardly.  I felt like I couldn't look straight at him because he was sitting so close-- but then where was I supposed to look?  When I finally turned to face him, he leaned in (he had been waiting!) and nibbled on my lips.  We were horribly unpracticed, bumping into each other.  He said, "I'm not exactly used to this," and I said, "I've never kissed someone before."  He said, "Isn't that a convenient match?" and leaned in for another try.
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Aww. I love gazebos. Anything that happens in a gazebo can't go entirely wrong, lol.