We Were Both About 7 Or 8

She was the daughther of my mother's best friend. Her name was Chrissy and she had blond hair and a mischievious smile. We were just sitting on the floor in her room playing with toys. All of a sudden she said "We should kiss" Then we just gave each other 3 quick pecks on the lips, 1,2 and 3. We knew grown-ups did this and now we knew why. Because it felt very nice! We just kept staring at each other and smiling right after that. Her older sister walked in and said "What's going on?" Chrissy said ' Me and him were kissing!"

Our family would not visit that often since they lived far away. We never actually spoke about the kissing but seemed to have an unspoken understanding. When we were in our late teens, everyone was talking about when we were little. Chrissy looked at me and said "We got along really well as kids, right?" "We sure did" I said.

Her family moved further away and Chrissy later got married and had a few kids. I have stayed single. Just last year,we were at a birthday party for my mother and she was there. We saw each other and kissed again,it was just as good as the first time. We hugged and held each other for a long time. I wonder if she was thinking the same thing I was? What might have been.....
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What a sweet, happy memory. It makes me happy that a story like yours is out there

That was so sweet. My first kiss also happened when I was 7. It wasn't quite like yours though hehe.