My Sorta-kinda-does-it Really-count-kiss

I'm gay, and I know that now, and I think at the time I knew it too, I was just trying to prevent it as much as I could. So I asked out my best friend, she was going to be the best girl I could ever get i thought. Due to my less than convincing attempt at straight boyfriend I held off from kissing for about 3 months, then on my birthday, we kissed.

It was just terrible!! Truly one of the worst experiences I have had in highschool! 
She went home and called her friend saying how bad it was, I sat in my room and thought "Maybe it's meant to be like that"

We soon broke up, shocking I know, and spoke about it finally.
We now agree on how awful it was, and tell any one that asks too, we laugh constantly if either brings it up and can even make jokes at each other about it.

While the kiss was terrible it has helped strengthen a brilliant a weird kind of way :P
IfYourDifferentSmile IfYourDifferentSmile
18-21, M
Nov 13, 2010