I Was 13 He Was 23....

My first real kiss was with my fieldhockey coach. I was 13 and he was 23. I was so in love with him, He was my hero.....one of my teammates told him and one evening at camp he pulled me of the road while we wlaked in the forrest and before I understood what was happening he kissed me.

It didn't have a happy ending, because he didn't want a relation at all... just some fun. So it ended quickly

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Thats illegal. That is not okay. He's a CREEP.

he's a pedo phile.

he's a *********.

that is illegal o.o or actually it depends on what country you're in. <br />
<br />
but whatever..it was mean that he didn't mean anything..gosh I hate people like that.

hey! my first kiss was when i just 20 and i had a far trap in the new year holiday to see a girl i met on the internet and we have a happy new year ,at the front of a pitty drinking bar, i kissed her,her face suddenly turned into red ,the next day i returned, and never see her again....<br />
so fantastic~

Isnt that actually illegal??