the First Time You Kiss, You Aren't a Pro

I remember mine. I was 14 and in the 8th grade. I was dating this guy from a different school and he was my first boyfriend. He was 16. 

We went for a walk, leaving from my house and when he walked me back, I tried to give him a peck on the lips. He was a lot taller than me, and he wasn't expecting it so I missed and kissed his chin...

A few nights at supper time, he called me up and told me he was going for a ride with his friends and he wanted to see me. He got his friend to drive over to my house and I met him outside in the driveway. He introduced me to his friends and we talked for a bit. Then he pulled me aside and he kissed me. I remember that he used way too much tounge, almost choking me. I'm not possitive but I think he was fishing for the cherry lifesavor I was sucking on. I was excited because it was my first kiss and I remember writing about it in my journal. I don't have the journal anymore

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Guys can be great their first time. My friend was we didn't get together but I stole his first which I thought was cute. I don't get choked by the tongue. I think its really cute when I get my boyfriends gum. :) lol I think I'm the only one that does...

Ive hadnt had mine yet :[

i hate when guys try to suffocate via their tongues!<br />
it's like they want to be inside us one way or another! ha!

ugh.<br />
i hate the chocking feeling.<br />
-high five- :)<br />
<br />
the guy was eating a mint, so i s'pose he was prepared for the kiss.<br />
<br />
i ended up with the mint in my mouth... gross lol

yeah lol... i hate when guys stick their whole tongue in your troat....its like they are digging for diamonds down there....jeez.....thats how my kiss was.....that cud prob explain why i dont like tongue kissing at all.

My first kiss was with a girl.....<br />
Kissing girls are normal I bet most of u girls out their have experienced my experience?<br />
It didnt mean anything at the time but when I think back to it it makes sense she was my first and im proud of it!!!! because shes my best friend now and were really close now.

Mine was too but I didn't know what I was doing. Was 8. :/

i remember my first kiss, it was like fireworks, but he did choke me then took my gum

I thought i was the only person who almosted got choked by someone's tongue lol.

i remember my first kiss it was my the middle school girlfriend. I remember kissing her felt sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good, i also remember that while me and my girllfriend were kissing my penis got hard