Dad Fondled Me Again Ii

I had to drive dad and my little brother in dad's luxury car again home from the hospital.  Dad broke his arm and wants me to drive him and take care of him for a week.  I was wearing black tight slacks, nude pantyhose, black off the shoulder long sleeve blouse, black leather high heel boots and black leather gloves.  Dad was in the front seat and my brother was in the back.  My brother promised me that I would let him give me a blow job when we go to bed with just my white socks on.  My dad now wants my body after he finally saw me naked late last year.  As I am driving, my foot is barely reaching the pedal, dad feels up and down my right leg.  I tell him that I can't have a sexual relation with my own dad, but dad says that "why not, you have one with your brother".  So I didn't say anything, plus dad is injured and needs my help.  I take my hand off his hand and let him feel my leg.  Then he moves his hand to between my legs and rubs it.  I tell him that I am trying to drive.  He laughs and continues to rub between my legs.  My little brother knows what is happening, but doesn't bother to watch.  Dad rubs very carefully, in a way that would ********** me very well.  I was getting wet and was having a harder time driving.  I told dad that if he causes me to go into ******, I might lose control of the car.  He told me to just keep driving.  I was getting angry and decided to just let go of the wheel and keep my foot in the pedal if I ***.  After driving for an hour in the winding road and dad rubing me good, I started moaning slightly and was about to go into ****** and shoot my load.  I didn't care if we crash, I was tired of being a toy for my family.  Plus, I was a little drunk.  My dad scooted next to me when he saw me started to twitch, and I went into ******.  It was a big ******, and my foot mashed into the pedal.  I lost feeling in my whole body and let go of the wheel, the car started swirving, and dad grabbed the wheel.  The car almost went off the road.  Finally, dad pushed my foot off the pedal and slowly pushed in the brake.
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36-40, T
Jan 22, 2011