My Brother And I, Forbidden Tongues,

I was twelve years old and since I lived in the middle of nowhere so there were not many boys to play with, I took what I had, my brother! It went very quickly and it was way too messy for my taste, he tasted funny. We never talked about it afterwards, it is your and my secret, you who are reading this right now, so keep it to yourself, not even my boyfriend or my mom knows something. I have kissed my boyfriend and know at last how it should taste and how it should feel, it is much better than my brother, just so you know. 
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Breiks07 same with me. My first kiss was in first grade, with me and the popular boy, at the water founain. Very scandalous for a seven year old. Then my next real kiss was in 8th grade, with my boyfriend, a seventh grader. But, I still don't count that as my real fiRst kiss. <br />
My first kiss was with my boyfriend, and the first time we kissed it was a simple closed mouth goodnight kiss. Then the next time we kissed, he stuck his tounge into my mouth, and I'm only in 9th grade (he was in tenth) so I just stood there like, :o. But then our next (and last) kiss was like, a whole makeout session in my backyard, and it was strange. Then, my most recent kiss, was on my birthday, yesterday, and a senior, took me in my ba<x>sement and fiercely made out with me for like, a whole five minutes. The funny thing is, it's my ex's older brother. :/ And we're not even dating.

Some people would probably have liked hearing (reading) some other variation to what really happened. I don't mean to be crude or gross, that's just the way many people are. Make something up, like some sort of kinky fantasy. Even though it would not be real, that's what seems to interest some people. If you are wondering (like what ?), well, what if you found your brother doing something with your panty's and what you might have done or made him do so you would not tell on him.

Don't ya love EP? You can admit something like that and not worry about it! That's one of the things I love about this place. =) <br />
That kiss probably doesn't have to "count" as your first if you don't want it to. My technical first kiss was when I was in 1st grade--a classmate and I were curious, but when someone asks me about my first kiss, I think of when I was 14. (I've actually shared a story about it in this group too.) So, apart from this story, what was your true first kiss? If you want to share, that is.