Oh God.... :/

Now my first kiss..

there were no fireworks...I was actually pretty dissapointed
I'm quite the romantic, I expected his hands on my back, passionate making out in the rain..
but no...

We were chilling at the swings and my boyfriend looked at me and says
"Hey you said your last boyfriend never kissed you right?' and I laughed and said "Haha no, he didn't quite have the balls"
he stood up and said "well I'd like to think that I do...how bout it?" I smiled and was pretty happy...he kissed me...
then all of a sudden out of nowhere his tounge was in my mouth and all around inside...nothing could keep that tounge out..
it was not great..
French kissing still isn't my thing...
The sad thing..?
He never changed the way he kissed.. :(
givenittoyou givenittoyou
36-40, F
Apr 20, 2011