In Front Of My Younger Sister. >.<

So we had been dating for a while, and we had decided to go on our first date. That went well, so we decided to go swimming, and my younger sister decided to bring a friend and tag along. So we swam and when we were done, I was waiting for my grandmother to pick us up. (I was 13 at the time) So we decided to go and sit in the grass of the park next to the pool. So we went and sat on our towels, just hanging out. then all of a sudden, my younger sister and her friend came up and started throwing stuff at us. Then they stopped when they realized how cuddled together we were. My sister said, "you two are sitting awfully close together..." And her friend nodded, then said, "Um....if you two kiss, I'll barf." And lauging, my boyfriend said softly, "Well, We'll see." And so we turned and kissed each other. It was really short, and sweet. The two younger kids ran screaming to the toys, and we just sat there laughing. It was a really good day. And we're still together to this day. :)
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2 Responses Jun 22, 2011

Haha, no they didn't really barf. They just didn't really wanna see. Thus the fact they ran away. xD

good for you did they barf