Kiss on the School Bus

I was in Kindergarten and took a school bus to school every day. I remember a beautiful Italian girl named Pauline that rode the bus also. Her eyes were so romantic and her face was so gorgeous that I couldn't control myself and I grabbed her and kissed her behind the high seats of the school bus so no one else could see.

This was my first kiss of a member of the opposite sex. I never said anything to her for 40 years but at our 45th high school reunuion, I mentioned it to her and she REMEMBERED it. I was schocked.
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10 Responses Mar 24, 2006

First kiss in kindergarden.. seems u took keen interest in girls frm early age

God yes... her name was Debbie and we were about 16. When we kissed, I swear we both almost passed out.. LOL! She and I both damn near fell down we were soooo dizzy. It was intoxicating. We never took it farther. Kissing was fantastic by itself. Wonderful girl. Her family moved. Broke my heart...

A girl would never forget something like that. haha

Aww though if honest i maybe too old cos can't remember , but i remember my warm up attempt on my left arm! lol

how cool to have mentioned it so long afterward... :D Nice to have her remember as well.. wonder if she was still just as pretty?


Wud u 3va g0 wit a grl

She probably remembers it as fondly as you do. We women keep memories like that close to our hearts. You should try to kiss her again.

it was proably her first kiss too, so of COURSE she would rememeber!!