Kissing in the Dark

I was 16, he was 17. We met at a church summer camp. We were playing hide and seek and decided to hide out in the men's bathroom with a bunch of other kids. I felt his hand turn my head and he kissed me right there in the dark.

Besides the fact that it took place in a men's bathroom, it was a very romantic kiss... being in the dark and all. I couldn't see anything.... just felt his warm lips on mine and I was on cloud 9. It was the best first kiss ever!

Since some of you asked, yes, we ended up dating. He went to another school so it was difficult but we saw each other a lot. He wrote me love poems, brought me wildflowers, bought me a cute little ring with a butterfly on it, took me to my Junior Prom... he ended up being the boy I lost my virginity to. It was one of the most romantic relationships I've ever had. Then he cheated on me and I was devastated for a long time. This relationship set the tone for all my relationships after that. I couldn't let anyone into my heart and it hurt me for a long time. After a failed marriage and many destructive relationships, I finally said enough is enough. I settled down with a wonderful man and had a beautiful girl. I did get my revenge because after my first divorce, I saw him and he wanted to get back together (this was after 15 years). He pursued and pursued and I took lots of pleasure in saying "no". He finally gave up but it felt so good knowing that he wanted me and this time I was the one who didn't want him.

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There are many faces of life good and bad, sorrow and happy, difficult and easy...! If you allow someone and somehow to enter in your life, like lets help other or do something for others, he/she is very nice/kind/helping nature but by the good faith you will be exploit by others. At the end of day you will find I did the blunder mistake by helping them.

Dat's gud of u.

Good for you!

I wish I had a story like that! My first love cheated on me with his first love, then got back with me, then left me for her and now they are engaged! I wish I could get revenge, but I let it go.. hehehe

:) nicee

You go girl:)

That is a very romantic first kiss, aside from the men's bathroom of course. Did you ever see the boy after summer camp?