My 1st kiss

I was the little blond haired girl in kindergarten, and he was the little blond haired boy. He was sooooo cute....Stevie S was his name.  Just thinking about him today some 30 odd years later still makes me smile. 

We lived at opposite ends of the school yard. Our parents were friends, so we saw a lot of each other.  I remember we were in class and it was play time. There was a metal and wood cllmber in the classroom. I was on the outside and he was inside the climber. And Stevie kissed me through the bars. It wasn't planned or anything. And it made me laugh and smile. Stevie smiled too and then we continued  to play.

Off and on through 4th grade we were girlfriend and boyfriend. Even into highschool he would tell people that I was the 1st girl he ever kissed.  He moved away between 4th grade and moved back when we were in highschool.  We were always friends. To this day thinking about him makes me smile.
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4 Responses Mar 24, 2006

Very nice, debber! :)

You should see him again lol

Aw, how cute. :)

This story is so cute :)