My first kiss

not exciting, just kissed a guy at a club.
susansmoaks susansmoaks F 7 Responses Mar 22, 2006

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Like, I have experienced couple moments like this...very exciting

How I can forget my first kiss. From 10 pm to day light .

This actually made me laugh XD :)))

wowowow something like that happend to me!! haha it was at a party, and the guy who kissed me had flirted with me all night long, and when i least expected it: bam! he was all over me (he was actually pretty good at kissing my neck)...he asked me for my number, and never called :( , and i've never kissed anyone since, but i guess it was a pretty good first kiss though

Wow, I guess you could call me precousis,or just the normal

girl next door. My first kiss was when I was 7, he was also my

husband!lol! Or do you mean my first meaningful kiss,I was

12,and he was my first boy friend! It was behind the dormitory,I was in

boarding school,in the playground,and his name was Danny!

Or do you mean with our spouse? This is going to

make me sound easy,but it was the night we met,within

2 hours of meeting him! Hey, it was Dan's fault! katesy

( different Dan,) he kept pouring green beer in my

glass and flicking green m& m's at me! Any one who's anyone

should know that green m&m's make you horny!

Yes,it was Saint Patricks Day, yes,I am Irish!

intense. XD

wow :)