My first kiss

not exciting, just kissed a guy at a club.
susansmoaks susansmoaks
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Like, I have experienced couple moments like this...very exciting

How I can forget my first kiss. From 10 pm to day light .

wowowow something like that happend to me!! haha it was at a party, and the guy who kissed me had flirted with me all night long, and when i least expected it: bam! he was all over me (he was actually pretty good at kissing my neck)...he asked me for my number, and never called :( , and i've never kissed anyone since, but i guess it was a pretty good first kiss though

Wow, I guess you could call me precousis,or just the normal <br />
girl next door. My first kiss was when I was 7, he was also my<br />
husband!lol! Or do you mean my first meaningful kiss,I was<br />
12,and he was my first boy friend! It was behind the dormitory,I was in<br />
boarding school,in the playground,and his name was Danny!<br />
Or do you mean with our spouse? This is going to<br />
make me sound easy,but it was the night we met,within<br />
2 hours of meeting him! Hey, it was Dan's fault! katesy<br />
( different Dan,) he kept pouring green beer in my<br />
glass and flicking green m& m's at me! Any one who's anyone<br />
should know that green m&m's make you horny!<br />
Yes,it was Saint Patricks Day, yes,I am Irish!

intense. XD

wow :)