First Kiss

It was love at first sight. He was tall, and very good looking. I was young and never had had a boyfriend before.

It was a balmy summer night. He picked me in his car and we went to the movies. After the movie he parked the car on a dark, quiet street near my house. He turned the car off and we talked aimlessly for awhile. Suddenly he took me into his arms and we kissed.

I felt that kiss in every cell in my body. It was like electricity running from my head to my toed. I was dizzy and and felt like flying. That first kiss was a delicious, wonderful experience. But it can only happen once. I have kissed others since then, but it is never the same. I can never recapture that special feeling.
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1 Response Mar 24, 2006

Yes I still remember my first kiss like it was yesterday. It was a summer night and really warm. When he kissed me I felt dizzy and was sure I was in heaven. I couldn't imagine ever kissing anyone else ever again. He of course broke my heart, but his kiss can never be outdone by another.