One of the worst moments of my life...

My first kiss had to have been the most awkward and embarassing thing ever!

I had been dating this girl a week or so. I was over at her house one Saturday night... she walked me out of course and before I left we were at that akward fidgity stage where you know you want to kiss each other, but both of you are too shy to do it...

Well, I finally went to kiss her after standing there for a good 5 minutes easy... and I went to slip a little tongue and she wasn't expecting it.. she pulled back real shocked and was like, "no tongue!" so... I got really embarassed and didnt even kiss her again.. I just gave her a quick hug and left.. we never really saw each other after that.
claytaylor claytaylor
1 Response Mar 24, 2006

I can see how that would rate right up there with most embarrassing moment!!!