Harvest Moon

I was 12 years old when I experienced my first real kiss. I was at a church dance that was being held on the patio of an old restaurant called the Oasis that had gone out of business. It was a crisp October night, early in the evening so the moon was still huge, and colored lights were strung above the dance area. Very romantic!

I had just finished dancing a slow dance with a boy from my class that I really liked. After our dance, he led me over to a bench at the end of the patio and as soon as we sat down he kissed me. It was a closed mouth kiss and only lasted a few seconds, but I was in love!

A few days later he bought me a ring with a big fake blue stone and we went steady until the end of that school year. Going to a Catholic school, going steady didn't really mean much. We never went anywhere together and rarely spoke, but it was nice having a "boyfriend".

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1 Response Mar 24, 2006

The memories of youth are some of the most cherished of all.