Flashlight tag can be awesome!

My first real kiss was during a game of flashlight tag the summer I was 14. 

Johnny had lived about three blocks away from me for years, and I never really had any interest in him.  The night in question we kept bumping into each other during the game of tag.  Everywhere I hid, there he was.  Finally after a couple of hours we just started hiding together. 

We whispered back and forth while waiting to be found and got to know each other better.  One of our hiding places was under a weeping willow tree and it was about 45 minutes before anyone found us.  During that 45 minutes I got my first real kiss plus a few extras!  We didn't spend much time together after that night of tag, but I still remember it fondly!
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3 Responses Mar 24, 2006

Extras?!?! Haha Woot Woot! :)

sounds romantic, it seems you liked the guy...didnt it break yo hrt after knowing there would be nothing between the two of you?

omg, that is what happened to me...but we weren't playing flashing tag and I was over his friends house with him with my other friends watching the teen choice awards.