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It All Started In A Dark Closet

It all started in a dark closet. This was NOT the way I wanted my first kiss to be. Every girl grows up thinking of her first kiss being this magical moment, but here I was, in a dark closet with the boy across the street shivering with fear as he leaned toward me.

It started with an innocent game of the infamous, "Truth or Dare" game. I was 13, how did I know that things could go horribly wrong? My best friend, who considered herself soooo much more "experienced" than I, dared me to kiss *Justin*, the neighbor boy, on the lips in the closet. I thought to myself "why the closet?" but I think she was trying to get me to back out, so she wouldn't have to deal with the dare dealt out by me after this fiasco.

So, being the brave pre-teen that I was, marched into that closet like I owned it and had done it a million times before this. The minute *Justin* followed me was the minute I began to panic. He closed the door and I hurriedly said to him "Okay, can we just NOT do this and say we did?", but he replied in the most calm voice, "Don't worry about it, it's not a big deal, let's just do it and get it over with, I'll be nice, I promise".

Those words echoed in my head as he leaned into me. I faked that I lost my balance so I could back away and not appear completely dorky, but to no avail. I felt him grab my shoulders and his lips touched mine in a way that your mother kisses you. There was NOTHING romantic about it by any measure.

I said to him "yeah, that was easy.. you were right!" Of course, if I hadn't opened up my stupid mouth and threw out the green light, the massacre that followed would've never happened. He grabbed my face and jammed his tongue down my throat like he was attempting to massage my esophagus. And the teeth... oh God, the teeth. It was if I had ran full force, mouth-open into a Dodge. Afterward, he leaned over and said, "I've really liked you for awhile now, I'm so glad that we are here was I your first kiss?" I replied "No... I've had a few before you and they were waaaay better than that!"

I opened the closet, walked right back to where I was sitting down before, plopped my butt into the chair, looked at my best friend and said "Okay... my turn".

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i am almost a girl you know?<br />
i remembermy first kiss with the most sincere love... <br />
still today,.. <br />
my first kiss with my actual girlfriend is something i wont ever forget<br />
<br />
nevertheless<br />
<br />
i have some "weird" kisses schemes... so<br />
its nice to see another one<br />
sorry about that<br />
<br />
but you cannot deny, it was sort of funny<br />

Once a bird fell in love to a white rose and proposed her but she refused. But the <br />
bird daily come and proposed her then she said when I will turn in to red, In color, I will <br />
love u. One day the bird come and cut his wings and spread his blood on the rose and the rose <br />
turned in to red, Then the rose realized how much the bird loved her but is was 2 late. Becoz <br />
the bird was dead.

wow....i'm sorry for you....

i was in the first grade and i had seen this girl her name was marsha.and one morning .<br />
just befor class started we were talking and she said i like you and i said i like you too and we just leaned in and kissed each other on the biggie. no bells or whistles just a friendly kiss.<br />
i think we were 6 at the time.

Thats horbile! And comical, at the same time. That doesn't sound romantic at all!<br />
If you could, would you change it?

i agree i like how u ended the story and idhave to say u were scared about it but u ar ea quick thinker.

romantic kissssss

I was also 13. Except that it was much nicer for us. I remember we were listening to The Stones, Honky Tonk Woman. Even at 13 she was a bit of a honky tonk woman.

such a cute teen experience....those were some good times, (now). What did you dare your friend and did you and Justin ever really kiss again?


HI !!! nice dear!!!!

I acturley feel sorry for the boy he confessed that he liked you and what did you do shout at him and walk out. Ok maybe he deserved it but I cant help feel sorry for him

oh wow, that sounds like pain, what a boy. lool

oh !thats messy.

haha tht sounded gross tbh :L mine wasnt exactly romantic but it was noo where near as bad as urs :L i was freaked out tho i wouldnt of been able 2 do wat u did :L well done x

that was too interesting

o___O how heartbreaking

the first magical kiss would have been from your mother but of course that's different i remember mine and this girl saying i was hopeless i felt so embarrassed me thinking i was the macho man

Lol, thats funny. :P

haha mine was quite lame i was 11 and a guy should know if u dont french kiss back then stop doing it DXX XD

Good for you.. I think you handled that pretty well.. Very funny, yeah the awkwardness of pre-teen

he he....2 good...

toinkzzz....... hahahaha... I experience that before

my first kiss was a lot worse it was at my skool in the band room and evryone of my frends was watching and it lasted half a second have u ever had a half a second kiss not romantic trust me

He sounds like a bit of a rapist... D:

o wow, that's funny.<br />
<br />
i kinda feel bad for that poor guy tho...

aww, thats sad! no one should deserve that :)

That's a really cute story! Haha, I feel you, with the teeth. >.< Haha

Lol, not so nice first kiss then ;)

Lol, not so nice first kiss then ;)