My Best Friend

my first kiss ( on the lips, no tongue ) was with my best friend. we had an amazing day together and i kissed her when she dropped me in her car. it was unplanned and sudden. i liked it, and she didnt mind it either.
thenaughtybar10der thenaughtybar10der 26-30, M 5 Responses Dec 5, 2011

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It does sound sweet, innocent, quite lovely.

U wil find it funny, but I was 21.. Too old for the first kiss right??? But that was year of many 'firsts' of my life... N if it was you, what more cud possibly happen. ?

no, i think it is wonderfully innocent, i wish i could have been you first kiss, sounds like you were very shy maybe?

No I wasn't shy, we used to joke that we'll kiss when we spend a great day together, but when we actually did spend a great day together I just held her neck n kissed her.. Accidentally we have kissed once or twice after that when we cuddled together to watch d movies...

that sounds so sweet, hol old were you when this happened?, if it was me i think i would have done more then kiss you.

unfortunately it didnt lead to anything more... sad enuf u wernt her, or else things cud have been much better

Unplanned and sudden kisses are usually the best ones that often lead to more.