The Moment I'll Never Forget (no matter how hard I try)

It was middle school and his name was Jeff, my first boyfriend. We were at our first dance together and we stared puppy-lovingly into eachother's eyes as we danced. His brown eyes just made me melt.

He grabbed me by the hand and we snuck down the hall into the cafeteria where we found a nook between the tables to sit down together. We stared at each other for what seemed like forever and then he made his move. He leaned toward me and I eagerly anticipated a magical first kiss.

However, what I got was a memory that I can not shake no matter how hard I try. He slid his tongue immediately between my lips and it was the slimiest, most awful thing I could have imagined. I was disgusted and I've never recovered. It was so horrible that when I think about it I grimace, even now.
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I kissed a *LOT* in my late teens. It helped that I dated two older women who taught me a *lot* about both romancing and sex. I know I must have french kissed before these two women, and i have a vague memory of finding it kind of weird before them. But they each, in their own style made an art of it. So when i went on to kiss girls my own age, I was pretty experienced... and none gave me any reactions other than total bliss.

Later, I did have a few women whose french-kissing style was abysmal... I can't even begin to describe what was wrong with it, and I couldn't seem to coax them into something more pleasurable. One kind of insisted on sucking my tongue as deep as she could which was hot and not at the same time. Another I remember just like wanted to press lips together with our mouths as open as possible and then would lay her tongue on top of mine... it was very odd.

I now am very aware of the personalization of kissing... it is a unique experience with every different person. That is what makes it so wonderful.

hi dear i agree with you

My friend french kissed me, it was weird but it was for like half a second so i still wonder what it is really like. now i know whats comin for me. :(

I didn't french kiss for a while. But when I stole this other guys first kiss it was like 2 seconds after we french kissed. He liked it and now likes kissing. Same for this other guy. I think guys like it a lot. I love kissing myself...

when i had my first kiss, it was my girl who made the move and she slid her tongue after a few seconds... And i liked it.. :P

Eww.... I remembered my first kiss.... Ugh, *gagged*

ewwwwwwwwww Yuck.<br />
Yeah the first kiss should probably not be French.

my first kiss went straight to french and it was awesome. we must have french kissed for over five minutes

Same thing for my first kiss. Immediate tongue. Now I don't enjoy kissing very much. I have to REALLY like the person.

Oh no! What an awful thing to have french kissing sprung on you unannounced. I hope it didn't ruin you for life :-