Who Knows what a Kiss Can Lead To?

Who can forget a first kiss?  I'm sure some of us wish we could. I will never forget mine, after all that is how I met my fiancee.

I was enjoying an exciting day in the park with my younger sister. We took a walk around the gorgeous lillies that surrounded us and I never would have guessed that my love life would change in an instant.

I saw a handsome young man about my age walking his dog when I saw him fall to the ground not able to breathe. After a few moments, I didn't seem him moving at all. I rushed over to check on him and began CPR mouth to mouth. He instantly woke up.

Unable to say anything, I gave him some water and helped him up on a nearby bench. He started thanking me and explaining about a lung condition he had and how he just got finished running, which he shouldn't have been doing. We started talking and clicked instantly. We ended up talking in the park for 3 hours and I knew I had to go before it got too late. We exchanged numbers and ever since he always lets me know "you know, that's the best first kiss I've ever had because it brought me you."

Even though some people may not agree that it's a first kiss, I truly believe exchanging air is a kiss, and it brought me the love of my life!
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The Kiss of Life.. =* lol Thats an awesome experience for both of you guys..

Comprehensive2<br />
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I'm guessing you never have kissed anyone before.

Cute story....it made me go "awwwwww!!" hehehe

Better than practicing on Resussa Annie. ;-))

Wow, that was a cute story. :)

this is one cool story. thank you for sharing it! :)

That's really cool! I'm glad you two turned out to love each other. (:

I wish I had mine :<

I remember the first kiss :O)

I honestly don't remember/recall my first kiss.

@comprehensive2 though very old post but what you suggest then ?<br />
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they are to always carry a medicated soap or will be on medication ?

Aww I love it <3

everyones exspetience of th first kiss is a alove story in itself, what makes it unique is who is kissing who ;O)

Thats such a romantic story! Sounds like it's out of a film - perfect :D x

The first kiss will seem awkward at first but it will be somthing special, the heart beating 10 times the rate, feeling the others heartbeat thoruhg the kiss and the passion behind the kiss

That's so sweet!<br />
I hope that someday when I have my first kiss it will be as beautiful as that. :)

the first kiss and love does feel like a fairy tale, there is nothing more magical than the first kiss and how it feels in your heart

it's like a fairy tail....i like it<3

if the one that kisses you make you float then you know its the best


I definitely do not remember my first kiss.

Wow thats a beautiful story (:

It still baffles me that how anyone can be so worried about getting disease from a kiss. Seems to me the more you worry about somthing that rareley happenes, the less chance you are to meeting that equal in your life. Take a break from this so called realaity and enjoy what awaits you.

I was listening to a song from Boston on my way to work this morning. More than a feeling, theres a part of the lyric that goes hand in hand, The faces fade as the years go by and I ask myself as I wonder along. Alsmost gives you that thought about all those you have aloved in a life time. You can never forget them. Same goes with that special kiss.<br />
All the souls you have encountered will always stay with you, its what defines who we are today

very cute story :]

Thats adorable!

adding to the first kiss, has anyone seen that movie that thing you do? and Live Tyler was kissing this guy and they were raiting the kiss? It was the kind of kiss where yuo might think that they may stick like that lol. Its not bad if you can't remember that first kiss, perhaps it wasn't the type of kiss that would have gone down the the guiness book of records. Somthing will spark that memory, a scent or a sound will bring you back like a song does.<br />
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kepp them comming<br />
<br />

Whats funny is, kissing another person asctually heals a persons soul. The idea of getting a disease from a kiss is abserd to no end. The mouth is the only place that can heal from an injury within a couple of days. because its contantly changing. now abput that first kiss. I recall when I was about 7 years old, (puppy love) and there was this beautiful girl that I could not take my eyes off from. She had long wavy brown hair and these beautiful brown eyes. I swear I alsmost walked into a wall lol. Well to make a long story short she had eyes for another boy of which didn't last too long because she came to me one day and planted a kiss that almost knocked me over. Now given the time and the age we were we weren't pros at kisses but she sure started me out on the right path. in a life time you will run into some one who will knock you for a loop and I was lucky enough to have found one. We married 28 years ago and I still can't take my eyes off from her. True love is out there folks, whether you find it or it finds you, trust me you will be twikapated a term used in bambi, meaning true love.

wow that is soooo sweet!!! did you meet your wife at age 8 then? im 12 but ive never kissed before and im going out with this sweet boy but im worryied to evan talk top him let al.one kiss him to be truthful i like him but i dont love him how could i im 12 and i dont feel anything but frienmdship with him but i couldnt hurt him so i had to say yes now im scared he will want to kiss me and i will mess up plz help

very cute :)

Anyway my was better than yours

its really beautiful and nice story.........

great story....

I forgot my first kiss...is that bad?

A kiss or a change of air, whatever others want to call it, I think this is a beautiful story. <br />
<br />
It goes to show that you can blow life into another person's....life!!


wow.... very nice story... i love it....

A kiss can lead to mono, oral herpes, streph throat, TB, and so on. And you wouldn't know who or WHAT the person you're kissing was kissing on the night before. It's really a disgusting habit if people think about it. Germs and bacteria and diseases! GROSS!!!!!

weeeeeeeee that was indeed cute... it was romantic in an odd way hehehe.. still dont know what's in store for me when i'll get to have my 1st kiss...

Cute story.<br />
<br />
I was EXTREMELY nervous about my first kiss. She was just so cute asking me "what is it??" with bright eyes, not expecting what "it" was. I held her face and touched my lips to hers. Fireworks actually went off in my mind. I will always remember that.. even though we arent together now..

wow your really lucky my first kiss sucked alot he was all like and i was just like no you know what i mean and if you dont it dosnt matter cus that story was the cutest thing ive herd in a really long time thank you

Awww thats such a sweet story

oh, what a touching story!<br />
I hope you called an ambulance afterwards :P<br />
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I had my first kiss 7 month ago, when I had a girlfriend. I did like her, but it wasn't really a deep love. My heart has always belonged to another girl who never loved me back.<br />
But nevertheless the kiss was good.<br />
<br />
I wish I was as lucky as you! But that guy was even luckier I assume: Met such a wonderful girl and got to keep his life ;)

Very cute story. I wish my first kiss could be that beautiful. You are very lucky.