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Schools Out, Summer Begins

It was the start of summer, the last day of 4th grade and I was allowed to have a party at my house.  My 15 year old sister was the chaperone and one of her friends was the DJ.  About 25 of my friends came over, including my big crush.  Everyone was dancing, hanging out and having a good time.

And then it happened, Madonna's "Crazy For You" was put on and people started slow dancing.  Hell, it was my party so I figured let me ask my crush to dance (well that, and a huge push from my friends).  He said yes and in the middle of dancing we kissed.  For my 9 year-old self it was magical, even though it was this simple peck on the lips. And then we were dating.

Of course, being as young as we were, the "relationship" lasted for all of a couple of weeks.  But it was fun while it lasted.

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This is absolutely true!
As a young reporter, I covered Madonna's European Tour (1992?). Anyway, I was in Leeds, England. My 'job' was to photograph her during rehearsals (no make-up, a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. Her security was huge.Even the police were escorting her 120 miles from the previous night's gig in London. No kidding!
Her "minder's saw me taking photos of her (without make-up) and I got assaulted by one of them!
It was "Front Page News" in the national 'Sunday People' newspaper in England, and then spread around the world!
I could have sued her- but didn't. I thought: "This is part of your career".
I was proven to be correct.
She and her 'fanfare' moved on to Glasgow the following day. I spoke to the Editor of the Scottish Sunday Mail and told him that I was the young reporter that had been assaulted by Madonna's 'Minder'.
I made £7000 from syndication rights. 30 years ago! It was enough to buy us our first house!
Now? We have moved on. I am working in TV and my wife is a school teacher.
Thanks for bringing back happy memories. My balls took a battering from Madonna's 'minder'. But it was worth it. Ha!
100% true.
Get in touch. Plenty of pics to share.You must be about 40 years-ols now?
Lots of luck.

A first kiss is something that is magical and stays with you forever.

always...for love, time is nothing...