My First Kiss Was Horrible!!!

I was 12 and he was like 14 i think. we were at the park on the swings. he said to me "I wanna kiss you!" i responed with ok but only open mouth no tounge.... So as we were kissing without tounge he decided that he wanted a french kiss. well i stopped and threw up! it was so embarrasing but funny lol.
stephanie19 stephanie19
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6 Responses Nov 28, 2006

i ********** in my first kiss

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life is full of color... put more into your stories

i bet i can top that lol sort of .....the fist guy who kissed me was ttally unexpected and he was walking me home after school like every day :) and it got quite for a second and he stoped walking and im like um what?and he kissed me and i slapped him right across the face and i was like wtf was that for ...random shock of the kiss but he just smiled we were both 12 lol and i liked him and the next day he goes if i try to kiss you today you gonna hit me again and im like mebby lol

wow oh im sorry but that was kinda funny but horrible!

Thats kind of cute. Heh heh.