What the Hell Was That!!!!

Honestly people>>>> what is wrong with some people!! We have all just got Hollywood to blame for most of the ideas for first kisses. Here i was walking with my boyfriend in the park, now this is in AFRICA and the park is the least romantic place there....As i was saying goodbye to him he holds my hand and says..."These are the most beautiful hands i have ever seen, they make me see the beauty in the world, i shake to my core with anticipation of tasting those lips, and as i look into your eyes i know you are the one for me" (i was 15 then.....and i was the one for him??) then he pulls me towards him and delivers the worst kiss (for a first kiss)... he was gentle and soft but it lacked the right substance for me to tingle.. He didn't leave me wanting more...I felt it was enough for a life time. And the thing is the kiss lasted 30Min's cause he wouldn't let me GO!! And because this is AFRICA public affection is strange and not really acceptable,so people swamped us and comments were everywhere...so i can say it was embarrassing!! Oh and we broke up a couple of months later.....therefore i advise people not to rally use the term "YOU ARE THE ONE FOR ME" lightly.

Mureriwa Mureriwa
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 26, 2007

haha, that would freak me out too. O.O<br />
still, i'm sure you'll get better experiences in the future (: