Music Class

7th grade music class hadn't begun, but the entire class was there. 10 minutes left until the bell and we were all in the front of the class surrounding the piano. Well, I was actually behind the piano.

I was praying for the bell to ring early or for the teacher to show up. Nope, neither happened. everyone was waiting and watching me. My boyfriend of 3 months and I were about to kiss for the first time and I could barely breathe. Then, it just happened. He just flew at me! It maybe lasted 2 seconds.

Everyone "ohhed and awwed." I pretended like it was great, but it was just ok. I had a smile from ear to ear though and sang my heart out that day in class.
1 Response Mar 24, 2006

How funny that he decided the best time to kiss you was in front of an audience. Was your second kiss better than just "okay"?