Drunken First Kisses

My first kiss was a questionable experience. I could tell you all that I had my first kiss with a rat- tail fool named Ricky in kindergarten (and I did) but I don't really consider that my "first" kiss. Or even my second grade fling where I "made out" with my younger first grader boyfriend. I was a late bloomer pretty much after 4th grade. (The last time I had been in a relationship since I was a sophomore in high school.) I liked guys, but I was shy and they were shyer.
    At that time I was partying with friends and we had some lovely lovely alcohol with us. I'm not talking about some little petty beer, NO. I'm talking about whiskey, flavored liquors, and some awful vodka. We wanted to experiment. Michael was a compulsive drinker. Being extremely shy, even more shy than me, he threw them back like they were candy. But for some reason he was in way more control than I was and I had drunken way less. (Apparently he was experienced in this.) Before I knew it my friends were like,"Go on make out with him!"
    I remember the feel of our slimy tongues colliding and our lips grinding together. It is one kiss I wish to erase from memory. The next day he text me on his cell phone a picture of a flower and said, "U R a good kisser." I panicked, replied quickly that I didn't remember a thing (although I did!) and deleted the awful text. I don't know why I was so scared to let him like me, but I'm very glad things ended then. I met my sweetheart that April and we have been together since.
    So a little advice for those who are worried about their "first" kisses. Just get it over with. But make sure it is with someone you at least have some feelings for. Being drunk and having your first kiss is well uh not something I want to tell my children!
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2 Responses Mar 1, 2007

My first kiss was similar, except it was with a girl, while I'm straight. But you know, at least girls are tender. While I was throwing up a few hours later, she came in to apologise for being my first actual kiss. Honestly, I'm just happy my first kiss wasn't with a guy that broke my heart afterwards.

Wow making out in the second grade. You call yourself a late bloomer, lol. My kiss was crap too but it never really bothered me. Must be a guy thing. I was just happy I kissed someone, lol.