My Dream Of The End Of The World

Well let me start by saying iv'e always been a person that gets into really deep sleeps and pretty much always remember my dreams when i awake to the littlest details. last night i had the most scariest dream that iv'e ever had. it started off just a standard jumbled up dream more so a nightmare i was at a strange house in the back garden it was a very old run down house and it seemed that the ocean was over the fence and the people in my dream were old work friends people i haven't seen in years we were all standing around talking and there was like a real old rusty sort of birdcage and we were talking about it saying who ever owns this house doesn't take care of there property,then all of a sudden one of the guys comes up with some guns and i was thinking what the hell where you find them and for some other stupid reason i wanted to hold one. so i grabbed one off him it was an ak47 we started talking about them when all of a sudden a police man came into the back garden and my work mate pointed to me and said there his arrest him. i began to panic the cop grabbed me and put me in the bird cage and it transformed into a jail cell. my friend was standing out the front and began abbusing me. I was asking him why would you do that to me and he began provoking me saying rotten things like he despised me, i was growing wild it felt so real i just wanted to get out and punch him in the mouth and he remained saying things standing right in front of the door he would repeat your never getting out im gonna make sure you stay inside there for ever.i couldnt believe what he was saying my emotions were all over the place i was looking around for someone else there to help me but they where all gone they had left.suddenly i looked and my friend that put me in there had gone to i was alone and started to feel more affraid then suddenly my boss, my boss in real life my resent one walked up and said i can get you out if you want he was in a cop uniform and he said i wont tell anyone ive released you so you can find your friend without him knowing your after him. i ran out fast as i could and started looking for him my dream jumped and i was in a small town but still looking for him.i come across some friends and i said guys give me some help wana find brett and explain what he had done to me and so they agreed and we split up me and my best friend sam we stuck together we started walking thru the centre of this town and could notice this strange look on everyones faces . everyone had this look of intense fear, we could hear people talking in the distance the time is here omg its really happening and all of a sudden i had this feeling i new what was coming i looked at my friend sam and said bro the end of the world is here, both of us in shock i could here radios talking saying this is it everyone our time on earth is coming to an end and for everyone to find there loved ones my heart rate was going crazy i looked at sam and said i gotta find my mum and dad so i started running and sam ran with me i come across another town and people were running around everywhere going crazy i happened to see my brother in the distance but he was with some strange people and so i kept moving on. then this was the worst part in a far distance there was a count down like for new years but it wasn't loud was very faint when it got to about 5 i stopped running i new that was it i wouldnt find my mum and dad in time. the count down stopped and i looked at sam and said this is it bro we're really gonna die i hope it isnt painfull then all of a sudden there was this explosion but wasnt loud the sky turned all orange and looked like fire balls were shooting out of the ground launching into the sky going so high they lit up the sky completely orange and then started coming towards us at a rapid pace i could hear people screaming from every direction and i looked at sam scared to the point of insane and said this is it and grabed him and hugged him then all of a sudden it hit us and i felt for a split second the rush thru my body like really strong electric shock waves, it was me dieing i felt the last second before i died and then i woke up with a scream and i was sweating like ive never b4.thats the first time ive ever died in a dream. now it felt so real the whole thing the worst part of it was i couldnt find my parants and also when the orange cloud went threw us. i felt like i got a real electric shock my heart when i woke up was pounding so hard it took my breath away. thanx for listening and hope to get feed back on my nightmare.
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I would like to have a dream like that. That's one experience that I prob won't be able to have(end of the world), and sometimes dreams work just as well for the educational part of the experiences, if that makes any sense.

Wow. That was intense!!! I felt like I was watching a movie as I read your story? I have never died before in a dream; i always wake up right before. There is a group on EP that discuss dreams and what they may mean you may find interesting. <br />
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Write more!!!<br />
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I thought I recognized that background in your avatar :). <br />
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And Welcome to EP!

thank you for taking the time to read about my dream and thank you for the great feedback it gives me confidence to write again.hope what i write next reaches you again. thanx again